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Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm ordering our 7 Telly's ... not 1... not 2... but 7!!!


Morgan Jones said...

Love the blog! I am working on another video-centric site that was created by a working mother in New York, Julie Menin. At, you can find episodes of our interview show Give and Take, which features female-centric newsmakers from all fields and professions.

Recent guests have included working mothers like Saturday Night Live producer Marci Klein and famed nutritionist Joy Bauer.

I hope you will check out and if you like it, even feature it on your Working Mothers blog.



Anonymous said...

Hello from Australia!!!!! Im a working mum too and love being able to read about other mums in the world who work from home and are fortunate enough to experience this great work life balance. I run my own online retail store here in Western Australia and enjoy having my children at home, I think it keeps me grounded.
I'd love to hear from other mums out there!!!!

Mothers Day Flowers said...

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