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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dear Oprah... if you had kids you’d realize ... Jessica Seinfeld's recipes are ridiculous!

As seen on Oprah ...

Ok... so you want me to spend my Sundays making whaaa... puree’s? Are you kidding me? This was the most ridiculous celebrity book plugging I’ve seen in a long time. First of all this is certainly NOT a new idea. Women have been making baby food this way for centuries. My Grandmother during the war used to simply chew up whatever food she had, which wasn’t much, and feed her babies. She had seven children before during and after WW2, so NO Jessica this is NOT something YOU invented. Also, the idea of HIDING your kids veggies, or making chicken nuggets and pizza with hidden puree’s inside is like...hiding gems inside garbage! When Seinfeld’s kids leave the house and actually see a real carrot they won’t know what it is. Will they say... “mommy why isn’t this mashed up and hidden inside a hamburger?" Also how does she expect a working mom to spend hours making these silly concoctions? For me it’s simple, my kids eat what we eat. My 2 year old will pick up a broccoli stalk and start gnawing on it. Do you think he’d do that if he was used to eating broccoli puree hidden in pasta sauce? I was also alarmed by Dr. Oz (featured on the same show) not chiming in about how if you steam and puree veggies they lose tons of nutrients. This certainly also does nothing for childhood obesity. Kids need to learn to eat REAL fruits and veggies. People should really follow Alice Water’s advice. I had the pleasure of meeting her this past Spring in Rome where she re-vamped the America Academy of Rome’s menu. Why was I there? I'll save this for another blog entry.
Waters promotes organic and small farm products heavily in her restaurants, in her books, and in her **Edible Schoolyard** program in the public schools. Her ideas for "edible education" have been introduced into the entire Berkeley school system.
Let’s get kids to eat the real deal. If you buy local and organic produce it will taste so delicious you won’t need to hide anything!

Coming soon...
Halloween is around the corner ... hide the black lipstick!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mr. Clean Magic Sponge Fact or Fiction

This is a recent email I received from a friend... any truth to this do you think? I will continue to post these types of emails here... I received one recently about red lipstick containing lead. And of course the one about the 4 yr old boy's Croc shoe getting stuck in an escalator.

Please pass this on to all the little one's parents in your area. Ok, I'm sending this out to everyone so they don't make the same mistake I made. I'm so embarrassed that this happened but I want you all to be aware of what can happen. This was caused by a magic eraser sponge. I have let both kids erase their crayon marks off the walls and never even thought the sponges would have this kind of chemical in them that would cause this kind of burn or even hurt them. Learn from my mistake. You can't even imagine how bad I feel that this happened to Kolby. Pass this along to anyone who has kids or grandchildren.

The email continues... but I gather you get the point.

My First Day Blogging

I have no idea when I'll find the time to write in this Blog. But I feel I really need an outlet for the struggle working moms have to deal with everyday. Leaving the house this morning was a total nightmare. I have three children and I commute to the city from New Jersey. My oldest was hanging on my body telling me "you can't leave me." Does anyone else experience this. And what do you do?