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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stand by your man … AS IF! Even Tammy Wynette would back off.

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What’s more disgusting than a lyin’ no good, cheatin, hypocritical, political man? Their wives that stand by looking dumbfounded as their unfaithful husbands apologize to the public. Do these women have no pride? We’ve seen the scene many times before. Eliot Spitzer’s wife joins a long list of deer in the headlight ladies. It’s like a scratched DVD, the same scene plays over and over again with different faces. Why must Silda Spitzer stand there in her pristine suit as he gives the cameras a whopping 60 second of his time? He slept with prostitutes as old as your daughters for the past year! And you stand there like its no big deal? What exactly is the message of “standing by your man.” Well, for me it means you support your husband even though his actions are grotesque. Spitzer got tripped up in the laws he created to bust prostitution rings. The Irony is FIERCE! (as my project runway hero Christian would say)

The list is a mile long… wife Dina McGreevey former wife of NJ Governor James McGreevey. Mr McGreevey slept with men for… well who knows how long before he duped his administration into hiring his lover. Dina McGreevey even stood there with a SMILE on her face. And the interesting thing is how he pointed out at that press conference that he is a “Gay American” like he had something to be proud of at this point? I couldn’t care less that he’s gay. But I do care that he cheated and lied to his wife!

And the guy in the bathroom stall? Remember him? His wife also standing there dumb founded. Suzanne Craig stood by her man - conservative Republican Senator Larry Craig while he denied he had propositioned a man in an airport bathroom stall. Then he denied he was gay. Again I couldn’t care less whether he’s gay or not! Its about lying to your wife!
It would take me all day to list all the women who stood by while their husbands are publicly humiliated.
Come on ladies! I’m not saying you shouldn’t be able to make your own decision to work things out on your own. But why must you stand there? These guys have done some truly rotten things. Respect yourself and your family by retreating. Let your husband do the dirty press conference on their own. And let's not forget (though I am a supporter) Hillary Clinton. If my husband did any of the above… I tell ya… he’d be on his own!