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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Halloween is coming... hide the black lipstick!

Actually what I’m really trying to say is WHY hide the black lipstick? What happened to the creative make your own costumes? I remember my friends and I coming up with some really crazy stuff when we were kids. And that was ok. Now all I see are store bought costumes. What really get’s me the most are the girls costumes! Why are they always the “sexed-up” version of a character. You can’t just be a witch anymore... you have to be the “sexy” witch. I saw some very perverted costumes in K-mart the other day. And mind you I wasn't in the adult section... these are supposed to be for a child! There was a Britney spears pop tart outfit... short short skirt and head-piece to sing into. A Bratz Cheerleader – short short skirt, pom poms and skimpy top. The Devinne devil girl, short short skirt! The consensus was SHORT SHORT SKIRT! I have 2 girls... I would not be caught dead putting them into any of these. Alas all we could find that was acceptable for my 8 yr old was a Hermione cape... and my 6 yr old has to go as a pilgrim cause it was the most benign. What I wish more than anything is that Natasha could create what she wants -- like in these pictures. She found some black lipstick the other day... slathered herself and her sister’s face with it. Used a band-aid on the nose... wash-cloth and sleeping eye mask... voila... quite creative costumes I thought. (Although she didn't ask permission to do it... and it took about an hour to wash it all off) Alas if I sent them to school like this for the annual Halloween parade I’d probably be reported to child services. Yet sadly enough ... it seems a short short skirt is acceptable.

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Veronique said...

What I love most about this? The fact that you actually have black lipstick in the first place -- looks like you have some wonderfully creative kids there :-)